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Guideline Fario Tactical WF i gruppen Fiskelinor / Flugfiskelinor hos Sportfiskeprylar.se (105450GLr)

Guideline Fario Tactical WF

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Fario Tactical är utformad för mindre älvar och sjöar där presentation och noggrannhet är viktigare än kastlängd. Denna lina är en favorit för fiske på trånga platser!
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Fario Tactical är utformad för mindre älvar och sjöar där presentation och noggrannhet är viktigare än kastlängd. Denna lina är en favorit för fiske på trånga platser!

Den presenterar nymfer och torrflugor med total kontroll och noggrannhet på korta till medellånga avstånd (<20m) och kommer också att hantera mindre streamers, men är främst en lina för snygg och delikat presentation.

Denna konstruktion och huvudlängd rekommenderas starkt för nybörjare eftersom du laddar spöet ordentligt med en relativt kort lina utanför spötoppen. Dessutom genererar det lätt god linhastighet och kontakt mellan spö och lina, något som kan vara utmanande för en nybörjare.


The short, 9,25 m head performs presentation casts and speed changes with ease. The belly and the main weight are concentrated towards the back of the belly, close to the rod to ensure flawless spey casting properties. This line is our nr.1 for learning various water born casts (spey). The shorter head vs. the Elite and Distance makes the cast in- and the anchor phase a lot easier and you need much less space to do it.

When fishing in very tight spots you might have to anchor the cast in front rather than beside you, this line excels in those situations. Similar to the other Fario lines Tactical also has a long front taper of 5,5m (18ft) which provides a smooth transition of power and speed to create a delicate presentation. The back taper is 1,65m (5,4ft) and makes it stable and rigid in the air. The back taper transforms into a comfortable 3,0 meter long ”handling line” before the thinner running line kicks in.

The handling line is a slightly thicker part of the running line which makes your loops a bit more rigid and also adds flexibility to how much line you can manage in the air when your whole head length is outside the rod tip. It also adds strength to the most vulnerable part of the line that takes a lot of strain when you are double hauling. It is looped in both ends and has a laser ID marking on the front-end loop sleeve.

Color: Light Green/Grey with Bone White handling- and running line. Total length varies between 25 m/82 feet in WF 2-3 to 27,5 meters/90 feet in WF 4-6.


TLT (Triple Layer Technology) & Direct Contact Core
Complex, multiple density and hardness in the coatings of these lines help to shape the flylines of the future. A new, revolutionary chemical formula and three different coating materials control hardness as well as memory and density in various parts of the lines. This creates better casting performance, more efficient fishing and bite detection, as well as added durability. TLT has given us the chance to build lines that float well and repel water better and more effectively than any lines we’ve produced before. Built on braided multifilament Direct Contact Core with only 6% stretch.


Our eco vision is Clean All the Way, which means the least environmental impact possible. This fly line has a Polyurethane coating instead of PVC that bleeds harmful plasticizers (Phthalates) into the water. Our boxes are made from recycled paper with water-based UV coatings and we have removed all plastic spools from the packaging. The result is that we can offer you the “cleanest” and most eco-friendly fly line on the market.
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