Denna batteridrivna lanterna för babord / styrbord ställer andra lampor i skuggan! IPS uppfyller de krav som finns för belysning på motor- och segelbåtar under 12 meter.


  • Vattentät till 1 meter
  • Flyter med linsen fri från vatten
  • Drivs av 3 x AA-batterier, medföljer ej
  • Uppfyller USCG 2NM 33 CFR 183.810 & ABYC A-16
  • Passar alla Railblaza monteringsportar, beställs separat.
  • Tillverkad i Nya Zeeland Batteridriven - inga kablar krävs
  • Uppfyller USCG 2NM standarder

Designed and made in New Zealand using high quality materials, and the latest LED technology
3 operation modes;
– Bi-colour Port/StarBoard mode 2NM – up to 14hrs battery life
– Port light only mode 2NM – up to 28 hrs battery life
– Starboard light only mode 2NM – up to 28 hrs battery life

This bow light is great for use where cables can’t be run such as on some inflatables, as an emergency nav light, or on small, tiller steered vessels.

Railblaza have made a bi-colour, or port/starboard light, and not a tri-colour for a very good reason, as this product is for power boats under 12 metres in length.

With circuit board manufacture, plastic moulding and assembly all done in New Zealand, this is a stylish and quality unit, at an affordable price.

Like all Railblaza products, this bow light has been designed and tested in the harsh sunlight and salt water environment of New Zealand’s oceans, meaning it will give many years of fault free service, and still look great.
To maximise battery life, Railblaza have used high quality, Osram power LEDs and a high efficiency digital circuit. It is lightweight, and IP67 rated for dust and water ingress, these features mean it will float with the lens right up out of the water and being battery powered it’s very simple to install, no external wiring and switching.
The iPS bow light is Compatible with any Railblaza StarPort, SidePort, RIBPort or RailMount, so can be mounted just about anywhere.
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