Space Fluoro Tippets
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Space Fluoro Tippets i gruppen Flugfiske / Tafsar & Tafsmaterial Fluga hos (VCT0r)
Space Fluoro Tippets

Space Fluoro Tippets

Ny supertippet från Vision!
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Do not fool yourself – fish will always see any tippet when your line is in/on the water. All this talk about totally invisible materials is more or less rubbish. However, the undeniable fact is that the better your tippet hides to the surrounding water, the better it will work and the more fish you will hook.

There are two main factors, which will dictate how well your stealth game will succeed. First one is no-brainer - the thinner your tippet is the better it is. This is not only because there is obviously less to be detected, but also because a thinner tippet has some clear advantages related to movements of your fly when in/on the water. Unfortunately, there are several serious drawbacks when using a very light tippet: it is very sensitive to abrasions, one wind knot can be fatal and the turnover of a fly can be challenging in windy conditions and so on and so worth.

So, this leads us to the second factor – the better the material you are using in your tippet matches its watery environment, the better the results will be. A kind of a no-brainer as well, but it requires a bit more justification because it includes a fancy term called as refractive index or index of refraction. This term basically describes how light propagates through some material. So, if we want to hide a tippet in water, the values of the surrounding water and the tippet should be as close to each other as possible. This is the point where fluorocarbon comes into the picture - its index of refraction is much closer to normal water than what we can find from nylon used in tippets. This can be easily verified without any high-tech laboratories; just take a glass or jar of water and dip in our nylon tippet together with our new SpaceFluoro tippet and see it yourself. SpaceFluoro is not invisible, but it is for sure getting pretty close to it.

SpaceFluoro product family has a wide range of diameters suitable for competition anglers, streamer fanatics and saltwater/pike bums for both fresh and saltwater environments. In addition to being nearly invisible, this new high-tech fluorocarbon tippet material has a big bunch of other highly valuable features, some of which are listed below:

•Dense and uniform material cuts the surface tension and sinks well
•Medium stiff fluorocarbon with exceptionally high knot and tensile strength
•Easy to tie with low memory
•Highly abrasion resistant due to smooth surface
•Tolerates UV light and harmful chemicals better than nylon tippets
•Great turnover in windy conditions

NOTE: This stuff lasts forever in nature, so please do not throw it there.

SpaceFluoro might not be the cheapest tippet material on the market and it sinks pretty fast, making it not the best option for all-round dry fly fishing, but when it comes to any fishing taking place subsurface, regardless whether you are after some tiny brookies with miniature nymphs, big brownies with large streamers or any of those saltwater torpedoes, SpaceFluoro family pretty much has the model for you. SpaceFluoro, like all other Vision tippet materials, come in colour coded, snap together & rotate spools with line retainers. From 0.50mm the material is on larger spools to prevent unwanted bending. Visa mer Visa mindre
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