All-Round Taper, eller ART, är perfekt utformad för att hantera nästan allt sötvattenfiske som kan tänkas.


Vare sig det är små torrflugor eller nymphriggar, har ART kraften att vända alla flugar utan att offra delikatess.

Built with an extended front taper for pinpoint deliveries, the ART features a muted color scheme with a camo tip for even the most wary of fish. Excels at single-hand Spey casts.

We took our revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive and put it into the brand-new Amplitude Smooth Series. These lines are smooth like traditional lines, but have increased durability and slickness due to the AST Plus, which is mixed directly into our coatings.

Each line is built with three colors to identify the separate parts of the line, and welded loops for quick and easy rigging.

SA Amplitude Smooth lines are simply the finest smooth fly lines in the world and are available in a number of freshwater- and saltwater-specific tapers.

• Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability
• Half-size heavy to load rods quickly
• Powerful taper helps to turn over long dry-fly leaders and deliver nymphs and small streamers
• Great for single-handed spey casting
• Three-tone super-stealthy colors with camouflage tip for wary fish
• Floating texture on the tip for higher flotation
• Braided multifilament for cold water applications
• Designed by Flyfish Europe in cooperation with Scientific Anglers
• SA AMP SMTH ART WF X F (X = line weight)
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Densitet: Floating
Klass: , 4 , , 5 , , 6
Klumplängd: 10,2 m , 10,6 m
Klumpvikt: 12,8g , 9,2g
Linlängd: 30,5 m

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